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Entreprise Sipla Wavre

SIPLA is situated in the Wavre Nord industrial zone, south of Brussels. It operates on a surface area of more than 3,000 square metres.

The company was founded in 1964 by Guy Servé and from the start was mainly active in the production of furnishings and lamination.

Over the years, the company's activities have evolved towards industry and protective packaging. Nowadays, its activities are mainly geared to the production of special wrapping.

It is the market leader in Belgium for coloured storage foam (EVA and PE). After 50 years of development, SIPLA remains a company that is constantly looking into new applications in its preferred field of activity - polyurethane, polyethylene, EVA and cellular rubber foams.

The advantages of an SME
SIPLA is a family business with a simple, flexible and dynamic structure, based on commercial objectives, carrying out its business with due diligence and not just with financial considerations in mind. This enables it to give its customers an immediate response at all levels of production.

SIPLA's strengths are characterised by:
- Direct contact between us and the customer
- Rapid decision-making procedures at all company levels
- Information that is rapidly disseminated with a view to finding appropriate solutions

A Win-Win approach :
A Win-Win approach is applied to establish a constructive dialogue and a relationship of trust with the customer:
- To be a good listener
- To understand and satisfy his needs 
- To construct a balanced and economically viable project 
- To continually aim for optimum quality in production

Quality commitment
Since 1994, SIPLA has been a holder of the ISO 9001-2008 certificate. This certifification bears witness to its absolute commitment in terms of quality management at all levels of the company. 

The ISO 9001-2008 standard means absolute priority being given to:
- Total concentration on customer needs 
- Staff competence ensured by continuous training 
- Mastery of the production process
- Constant monitoring of our purchase of raw materials, both in terms of price and compliance with standards
- Checking our production tools
- Management of non-compliance and implementation of corrective and preventive measures
- Action for improvement

Day after day, the company ensures that the needs of its customers are clearly understood, taken into account and satisfied.
Additional useful information about the ISO and ISO 9000 standards can be obtained from the ISO 9011 2008 website.

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Environmental commitment
SIPLA is a modern company and in June 2011 was granted ISO 14001 certification. The company's aim is to include environmental considerations in all its strategic decisions.

This choice to adopt a greener attitude has already been realised by implementing the following:
- Improving waste management in order to reduce the environmental impact;
- Installation of solar panels to cover 25% of electricity requirements;
- Renovation of the lighting system to reduce consumption by 40%;
- Improving the working conditions of staff including protective gear, working clothes, training in the environmental impact and raising awareness;
- Management of hazardous products and installation of special recovery tanks.

Reducing the impact on the planet. Not just words but action. There is no doubt that in future the ISO 14001 standard will be a basic ethical objective for all of SIPLA's choices.